Claw-some: Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to Brooklyn

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Don’t pretend you don’t want to hang with this guy all night. (via Facebook)

Hello, people of the Internet! Do you love YouTube videos with adorable kitties taking baths, skydiving and being grumpy? Do you yearn for a time in which you can make your precious tabby a puppy-fighting sensation on the World Wide Web? Well, your day is almost here: the second annual Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to Brooklyn this fall, and you’re invited to spend an evening celebrating all things viral and feline.

The Internet Cat Video Festival, which was conceived by Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center last year, will be making its New York debut at Warsaw in Greenpoint on October 25th, from 7pm to 11pm. Who needs the Olympics? Or even the VMAs for that matter, when Brooklyn can host the ultimate arbiter of internet coolness. And it’s more than just a couple cat clips; the festival is a celebration of all community art and collaboration, featuring “musical performances, special guests and more”; details have yet to be announced, but color us intrigued! Tickets are on sale now, and they cost $20 a pop; but what’s that compared to an evening of Gangnam Style-ing kitties?

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