City Council set to those banish shady donation bins forever

clothing donation bin
Byeeee. Photo by David Colon

No one anywhere likes those stupid clothing donation bins, which usually are neglected, vandalized and otherwise turned into terrible eyesores, even if they’re lovingly handmade out of wood. We’ve told you what you should do with your clothes instead of putting them in there, and soon it might not even be an issue because the City Council is set to pass a bill that will let the city trash the bins much quicker than they used to. It’s not the biggest accomplishment in the de Blasio era, but it’s a victory that Bloomberg will never be able to take from him.

According to theĀ New York Post, the bill about the bins, which is expected to pass on Thursday, will allow the city to remove donation bins on public property immediately instead of giving the person who put it there 30 days to move it. It will also allow for fines of $250 to $500 for putting the bins out. Of course, seeing as how the bins always seem to come from fly-by-night operation that answers to no one, we don’t see that much revenue coming from the fines.

Still, just the fact that the Sanitation Department can just take these stupid things away instead of leaving them for lousy teens to tip over and set fire for a month is fine by us. The only people who’ll be hurt by it are the shady folks at Viltex, and what have they ever done for us?

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