Choo-choo-choose Seamless today and get 15% off your order

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Less heartbreak involved though

It’s Tuesday! Does anyone really like Tuesdays, aside from the fact that they aren’t Mondays? We aren’t sure, as we think all days that aren’t weekends or holidays are equally bad. But, the folks at Seamless want to make you like Tuesday a little more by pointing out that it rhymes with “Chooseday” and offering you a 15% discount on your order with them. So maybe this particular Tuesday isn’t so bad.

It’s pretty simple really: order your food through Seamless, use the code “Choose15” and voila, cheaper food. The order has to be at least $10, but that’s what places usually charge for delivery anyway, and hey, then your order will only be $8.50. Hooray! Hooray for this particular slog of a weekday being different from other ones!

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