Cheer on the J-E-T-S for L-E-S-S

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J-E-T-S JETS (beer) JETS JETS (beer)

It’s rare to be this deep into the playoffs and still holding your head high as New Yorker, so even though we don’t own a TV, we’ll be in front of a big screen Sunday rooting for Gang Green to make short work of those rusty yinzers. We’re not tackling the game unarmed, and neither should you: Check out our guide to cheap football bars, combining our picks with reader favorites; if you need a nosh to calm your nerves, lots of spots in our free bar food roundup are game-friendly. Staying in? Don’t forget our super-scientific study of the best value for cheap beers before you fill the fridge. But if you’re still a disgruntled Giants fan, pound some beer and shot specials. Tell us any game day deals we missed!

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You're paying 50 cents a beer folks, 50 goddamn cents a beer.


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  1. Just saw this is happening in DUMBO too:

    Pub One
    5 Front Street
    Brooklyn, NY
    Witness the Jets battle the Steelers for the AFC Championship this Sunday in the company of some great beer and food, and an awesome deal on both: Buy a burger, get a free draft or bottle of Brooklyn Lager or Brooklyn Pennant Ale ‘55. If you just want a Brooklyn Beer alone, it’s only 4 bucks.

  2. We just got another tip for Sunday’s game from Loreley in Williamsburg (64 Frost Street,

    1. For each Jets touchdown, they will take $1 off the price of any
    beer served in the traditional 1 liter steins. The more touchdowns the
    Jets score, the less expensive the beers get throughout the game (e.g. 3
    Jets’ touchdowns = $3 off any stein).

    2. Also, a bucket of five Reissdorf Koelsch beers (5 x 12 oz bottles,
    normally $5 each) and a basket of pretzels ($7) will be offered at $20
    ($32 value when ordered normally).

    3. They are also doing a great sausage platter special with six
    sausages for $18 (a regular platter of three is $16), serving German
    sausages from Schaller & Weber.

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