Check out no-fee Brooklyn apartments with Oliver

Oliver no-fee apartment app

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Nothing tests your patience and organizational skills like looking for a no-fee, owner-listed apartment. You have to go see a bunch of apartments, of course, but first you have to find the listings, then track down half a dozen owners who don’t answer their phones or respond to their emails. By the time you’re ready to see the place, someone else has rented your dream apartment, and it’s time for another ride on the emotional roller coaster.

Oliver is an iOS app that hopes to change all that. Oliver lets you browse thousands of no-fee and owner-listed apartments and schedule showings at the tap of a button, with no phone calls or emails required.

Apartment listings on Oliver feed from the landlords themselves, so there are no broker fees, ever. The apartments are displayed on a map, ideal for planning missions where you check out multiple properties in one trip. And it’s easy to narrow your search by using the filter option to choose your desired price range, layout, amenities and neighborhood, and even your target move-in date.

Once you find an apartment you like, just tap, choose the showing time that works best for you, and Oliver will confirm with the landlord.

But what if you don’t want to leave your couch? You’re in luck. The app recently added the ability to view an apartment directly from your phone. With Oliver’s “Live Video Showing” feature, you can view apartments in real time from your couch. Oliver will send a runner to the apartment who will broadcast the video directly to your phone.

You have the ability to direct the tour, and ask any questions regarding the apartment. It’s like Instacart for finding an apartment! If you like what you see, you can go see it live — if not, the next apartment is a click away.

Click here to download Oliver and rent without a broker.