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Check it out: Brooklyn Public Library getting a Four & Twenty Blackbirds cafe

four & twenty blackbirds
There’s a rumor the cafe will come with a “Pie in exchange for overdue books” program. Photo by Marcus Nilsson, via Facebook

Going to the library is great way to get educated and and a geat wat to stay involved in your community. And once March comes around, it’s gonna be a great place to eat delicious pies, because Melissa and Emily Elsen of Four & Twenty Blackbirds are taking over the cafe in the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Because pies, like reading, are fundamental.

Oddly enough, according to Grub Street, the library cafe is being opened with another pair of sibling chefs, John and Mike Poiarkoff, who run Vinegar Hill House and The Pines. Their contribution to the cafe will be things like hummus and roast beef sandwiches and other farm-to-table meals.

But of course, what we care about here at Brokelyn is pie. The sisters told Grub Street that tragically, whole pies won’t be immediately available at the cafe, despite the fact that it’s slated to open on Pi Day, March 14, but there will be slices of pie, so that works. Hopefully, by introducing an element of delicious pie to the library experience, people will stop stealing from there so brazenly.

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