Cheap vinyl alert, part II: Black Gold holding $1 LP sale Saturday

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So you read about the Library’s cheap record sale, but you haven’t been able to get over there yet, and don’t feel like going to Manhattan on a Saturday. Don’t worry though, you can still get cheap records this weekend. Black Gold (461 Court Street), a record/coffee store (sure, why not) in Carroll Gardens is having their own cheap LP sale this weekend: $1 gets you one record. Seems fair to us.

We spoke to an employee at the store, who told us that Black Gold will be putting out crates and crates of records for you to dig through, until you find that perfect one you’ll trade for a George Washington. How many records? The person we spoke to said about 1500, which is a whole lot of records. Like, you could go crazy and spend $100 and still have plenty of records leftover.

The person at Black Gold assured us that if you go down there, you’ll be able to find some decent LPs, and that the sale isn’t about clearing out stock of G. Gordon Liddy country albums, it’s happening because they have to make room for more records. It starts at 10am on Saturday, so if you’re a DJ, an LP fiend or just like buying things so other people can’t have them, drag your hungover sorry self over to Carroll Gardens early.

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