Cheap storefront rent in Williamsburg: it exists!

The Shangri-La of Williamsburg. via Brownstoner
The Shangri-La of Williamsburg. via Brownstoner

Saying the phrase “cheap rent in Williamsburg” without falling over laughing or being struck dead by an angry god because you’re lying is rarer than a unicorn. Hey, fine, Williamsburg belongs to the rich and the few holdouts who were born there, we can live with it. But what’s this? Some rent avenger out there is leasing spaces to businesses for as little as $750/month? Looks like it’s time to start a business where we live in the back room.

DNA Info found that real estate company Green Desk is renting space at 240 Kent Avenue to small and startup businesses for as low as $750 per month. And that¬†includes Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Holy hell, we’re not even joking about the whole “living in a storefront” thing anymore.

Green Desk’s Williamsburg rental director Melissa Rios told DNA Info gave an altruistic reason for the low rent, explaining that it was an opportunity for the small businesses to “plant seeds.”¬†Even better, she said there are still 20 spots for rent available. So if you’ve got a business idea, better get on it, before everyone with a fake business gets in there with some cots.

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