Chaos reigns: F train switches to G line, doesn’t alert passengers

f train
Or IS it??? via Flickr user gtasandman

Everyone loves to bitch about the G train, but the thing is, for a limited line that doesn’t get much help from the MTA, it probably does about the best that it can. On the other hand, the F train’s weaknesses can be found on an almost daily basis now, from the recent derailing that fortunately didn’t kill anyone to the new Straphangers Campaign report that showed it was the most decrepit broken line of all our decrepit broken subway lines. And now the F train can’t even stay on the right damn track, with one this morning just up and changing to the G train without telling anyone.

Brooklyn Brief collected tweets from baffled commuters who got on an F train expecting to go places that the F train goes, only to find themselves skipping F stop for no reason and winding up at the Fulton Street G stop. Well, we do know that the F has had problems with identity theft lately.

BK Brief reached out to the MTA though, who told them that the train was supposed to do that because of signal problems on the M, but somehow, the conductor forgot to announce the change to people on the train. Or something, just know that the MTA is “investigating.” You can check out all the baffled/angry tweets on Brooklyn Brief, but here’s our favorite:


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  1. Jeffrey

    Frankly the G train is one of the better brooklyn lines these days, since SANDY they have been doing a lot of work on it, and the train now runs smoother and far faster than it used to. Too bad with all the money the MTA has they can’t get a new train in there.

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