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Sick of your job and want to make some big self-improvements? Ordinarily that requires the money to do so. But if you want to try to get into the exciting world of computer programming, you’ve got a chance to get an education in it for free, thanks to the City of New York and the Flatiron School. So don’t dawdle, wondering if you can take another day at that job you hate.

If you’re over 18, unemployed or making less than $50,000, live here in the city and haven’t ever been a computer programmer before, you could be one of 28 lucky selections in the NYC Web Development Fellowship. Through the Fellowship, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get you eligible for a job as an entry-level Ruby developer at the Flatiron School. The class usually costs $12,000, so this is a pretty freakin’ good deal.

We know that Ruby is a programming language, but after that, we have no idea, because we majored in things like “journalism” and “political science.” If you made the same mistake that we did, then this is your chance to turn your whole life around. The course does require an intense amount of work, happening over 22 weeks and lasting from 9pm to 6pm Monday through Friday, but will give you some great networking opportunities at the end, along with a 4-week apprenticeship that they place you in. So when you meet someone who’s an intern, you can say “Oh, that’s cute. Me? No, I’m an apprentice.” Wanna do that? Apply here.

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