Are these the most New York Valentine’s Day cards ever made?

A Hallmark holiday of single-shaming and, like all capitalist celebrations, themed shopping opportunities, Valentine’s Day is also a grand opportunity for puns and wit in the form of love letters. There have been plenty of specifically New York-themed indie love letters created over the years, the cards a vessel for hyper specific NYC humor. NYC Love Notes are the newest addition to the trend.

For this 2k18 V-Day, friends Sam Bartos and Rachel Reno collaborated on seven on point cards – NYC Love Notes – ranging in references from Cellino and Barnes (injury attorneys) and Orthodox Mitzvah tanks to the Post’s feud with de Blasio.

The cards will run you $5 per and, according to their about page, “These romantic overtures have never been to the ‘High Line’.” That’s a damn high bar for New York-ness.

All proceeds from the cards are donated to the NYC Coalition for the Homeless.

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