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Celebrate Bike to Work Day at the Bike Home from Work Party, tonight!

Get to work like this today? Well then we've got a party for you! via Facebook
Get to work like this today? Well then we’ve got a party for you! via Facebook

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to party anyway. But it also happens to be Bike to Work day, and if you’re sitting in your office a sweaty mess, the odds are pretty good that you celebrated appropriately. Or, you really gotta get in shape, dawg. But, if you did bike to work today, you get a reward other than just the satisfaction of doing the right thing: tonight in DUMBO, Transportation Alternatives is having a FREE Bike Home from Work Party!

And this is gonna be more than just satisfied people reveling in keeping one more car off the road. There’s that, of course, but there’s so much more. There’s going to be a “Reflective Fashion Show,” where cyclists strut down a catwalk wearing the most fashionable clothing that also allows cars to see you at night. There’s a whole pop-up bike market if you need to buy an accessory, clothes, or even a bike. AND there’ll be food of course, because you’re gonna be damn hungry if you’ve biked over an East River bridge twice in a day. Transportation Alternatives members get perks like $3 Brooklyn Brewery suds and $1 off from Cemita’s, Saucy by Nature and Rice and Miso Every Day.

It all goes down from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, at the Manhattan Bridge Archway, on Water Street, between Adams and Pearl Street. And even if aren’t a TA member, it should still be a good time, and at the very least, will give you a place to hang out and talk about the insane people who almost maimed you while you were riding in the street. And take it from us, everyone loves those stories!

Bike Home from Work Party, tonight, 6:30p – 9:30pm, Manhattan Bridge Archway, Water Street between Adams and Pearl Street, FREE

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