A case of nostalgia: BookCourt is selling off its shelves on Craigslist for $500 each

Living room decor, anyone? via Craigslist

The announcement earlier this month that BookCourt was closing its doors after 35 years in business came as a blow to book lovers and Cobble Hill residents alike (and a lot fit into the center of that Venn Diagram). But all hope of retaining a piece of the beloved bookstore’s history is not lost, because they’re selling their shelves on Craigslist! For a sizable sum of money ($500), you could be the proud owner of one of BookCourt’s commercial grade bookcases. If you’re super wealthy and have a chateau or something, you could even buy ’em all.

From the Craigslist description:

Over 75 bookcases available for purchase. Various sizes, but mostly 8′ tall by 4′ wide … 7-9 shelves per case, all adjustable shelves. Birch veneer over high quality composite, New England made. Very strong, commercial grade. Price is negotiable depending on size and condition.

You can buy individually or in bulk. According to the listing, the shelves are mostly “like new” and just need “a light cleaning,” which they even offer to do for you. Pickup or delivery is up to you to figure out, and cases will be ready to go as early as Jan. 5 in 2017.

You can contact BookCourt using the number on the ad.

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  1. Pass that this way

    $500 for used composite bookshelves? Those, including the commercial type, do not hold up over long term use. Most moving companies will refuse to insure them (yes, even the commercial kinds). Please pass that k2 my way.

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