You could have a career selling these small-batch $96 stuffed animals in Gowanus

You could be hawking these woodland creatures in bonnets. via Hazel Village
You could be hawking woodland creatures in bonnets. via Hazel Village

Are you a “friendly, crafty sort?” Would you describe yourself as an “all-around elf?” Do you like putting animals in bonnets? If you checked yes to any of the above, you might have a career ahead of you. It’d be with a boutique toy store called Hazel Village, which DNAInfo reports is opening their flagship store in Gowanus tomorrow (July 31).

Hazel Village sells stuffed woodland creatures made of organic cotton and polyfill, for the mere price of an entire day at Disneyland. And according to the company’s Facebook page, their soon-to-be Gowanus store is understaffed! Think you can hack it in the BK toy industry? Read on. 

As an employee of Hazel Village (510 Third Avenue), you’ll be selling “small batches of woodland friends,” or stuffed animals with removable clothes, for just a little under the price of an unlimited monthly metrocard in the year 2010.

Most of the company’s toys are made fair-trade in India, and cost around $42. But the store in Gowanus will only sell toys made in-house with the $96 price tag, DNAinfo reports.

Interested in being a part of the team forest? Email hello[at] Both part-time and full-time positions available. Your fluffy, fair-trade future awaits.

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