CANCELLED: complete L train shut down

You might have already heard the news: today Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the L train won’t be shutting down in April 2019. Wait, what?

Before you get too excited, the L train will still be running and it will still be under construction. Instead of shutting down the entire subway line for 15 months, the L will endue a partial shutdown, leaving one tube open for service. (Why, we can’t imagine the subway getting unbearable congested at all).

As revealed by doNYC, “Cuomo’s focus is on a differently designed and innovative repair that has been successful in Europe but has yet to be tested out here in the US…┬áit’s still very unclear what alternatives the MTA will be choosing, whether it’s working on nights and weekends, extending the plans, or whatever else.”

A full, definitive plan of action has not been revealed (other than some details and slides in the press conference).

However we can expect L trains to run on nights and weekends. Gothamist reported:

The MTA’s acting chair, Fernando Ferrer, tells reporters that on Cuomo’s new timeline, repairs are supposed to last 15 to 20 months. Trains will run with “15-20 minute headways on nights and weekends,” which Ferrer says is the same as regular night service.

“No L-pocalypse,” Ferrer said.

This was an interesting turn of events. And why? We’re all for better subway service, but we can’t help but feel there’s a hidden agenda buried somewhere here…

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