Can you cook bacon better than anyone? Prove it at the Bacon Takedown

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We saw this in the Blair Witch Project, we think. via Facebook

Everyone loves bacon. Bacon cheeseburgers. Bacon handguns. Bacon hats. Bacon is America, and every American knows how to make bacon (we are actually terrible at it). So since you’ve been spending all of your free tim perfecting your bacon cooking skills, like we’ve been told the goyim have an affinity for, why not get the respect and admiration of your peers by grabbing a slot in the upcoming Bacon Takedown at the Bell House?

We got an email telling us that there are a few slots open for the Iron Chef-like cooking competition where you can make whatever you want as long as you use the central ingredient of the event. In this case, you get handed fifteen pounds of bacon and can make bacon whatever you like. Bacon chewing gum. Bacon butter. Bacon fondue. Bacon pancakes.

The Takedown is onOctober 19, a Saturday, so the odds are you won’t have to work. Sign up slots are limited though, so first make sure that you (or you and a friend) actually really want to be a part of what will surely be a madhouse of grease and salt and coronary disease. Then shoot an email to the takedown folks at chilitakedown [AT] If you can’t cook bacon but would like to eat it, tickets for the Takedown aren’t on sale yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when they are.

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