Can you write BuzzFeed quizzes for a living? Take this job application and find out!

buzfeed quizzes
Which kind of BuzzFeed quiz do you write, the celebrity ones or the terrible high school memories ones?

BuzzFeed, it’s the website that’s eating the internet and it’s getting to the point where if want to work on the internet, you have two choices: get hired by BuzzFeed or have a mental breakdown because you didn’t get hired by BuzzFeed. In order to prevent that mental break, we have a job to share with you in BuzzFeed’s either most loved or loathed section depending on who’s doing the talking.¬†Are you challenging and interesting and funny enough to write BuzzFeed quizzes for a living? We know we’re not, but maybe you are.

Everyone loves BuzzFeed quizzes, except for the very grumpy and there are probably even quizzes that can get through to them. If you both like the quizzes and think you’d be good at making them, this is definitely the job for you, especially because literally your only job responsibility is creating quizzes that people want to take. Do you know how rare it is these days to have a job on the internet that’s just one thing? At this point in time you have to be able to write, edit, excel at social media, know Photoshop, understand internet analytics and deadlift 200 pounds just to get an unpaid internship. Sure, you have to be willing to experiment with format, keep up with culture and have a good enough grasp on psychology that you craft quizzes people will click on, but you still have just one job.

If you want in, your writing test consists of making a BuzzFeed community profile and creating a few quizzes, then sending in your application with a resume, cover letter and some links to interesting or fun things you’ve done on the web. Despite what you might be thinking about how easy this job is, there’s clearly some kind of skill to making a quiz that people actually want to take and share and feel either good or depressed about. So if you think you can just fart out a bunch of bullshit about “Which Olsen twin playing Michelle Tanner are you?” or “Are you Optimus Prime in truck form or robot form?” you probably can’t, especially because again, this is an actual job.

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