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You can snag a free Krispy Kreme doughnut tomorrow (but you have to go to Penn Station)

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All for you, all for the taking. Well, just one actually. via Facebook

A delicious, but unhealthy, way to start your day is by getting a doughnut. Not that we believe in skipping the doughnut for that reason, we start our day with one at least twice a week. If you like doing that too, you can skip the “paying for the doughnut” part of starting your day with a doughnut because Krispy Kreme is just giving away glazed doughnuts with abandon tomorrow (via Consumerist). The only thing is, you can’t get one anywhere but Penn Station.

Not that we mind Penn Station that much, but man, Penn Station at rush hour is brutal and unforgiving. On the other hand, if you have to pass through there anyway, you may as well snag a free doughnut if you can. Don’t wait either, according to the fine print on the offer, the free doughnuts are for the first 1,000 people who ask for one, and given the crowds that pass through Penn Station, they’ll probably go quick.

The reason for the free doughnuts is because Krispy Kreme is celebrating the opening of their 1,000th doughnut shop, out in Kansas City. We guess with that many shops, you can be a little charitable with your doughnuts. We wonder if it also has to do with Krispy Kreme trying to get some better press after their KKK faux pas over in Britain. Eh, whatever. Free doughnuts is free doughnuts.

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