You can peep the first episode of new Comedy Central show ‘Broad City’ online

Don't these look like swell broads? via
Don’t these look like swell broads? via

When I first heard about ‘Broad City,’ I had high hopes. It’s executive produced by Amy Poehler, the name is pretty fly, and it’s come along at an exciting time for female comedians, following Inside Amy Schumer and Sasheer Zamata joining SNL. Poehler got to know writers and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer via UCB and wanted to help give voice to the creators of the web series of the same name. One of the coolest female comedians in the world helping two up-and-coming female funnies launch their career? That’s nothing less than inspiring, and they must be something special if #Bossbitch thinks so. I felt certain that this was going to be the show to blow all the other tales of twenty something-chicks-in-NYC out of the water. But when I watched the pilot, available online, I deflated.

The premise of the first episode is two broke best friends in New York are trying to scrape together money to go to a Weezy concert. Aside from a hilarious cameo by Fred Armisen as the weirdo who responds to their craigslist offer to clean house in just bra and underwear for $, I rarely laughed, and almost felt like I was watching 2 Broke Girls minus the fake set and laugh track. 

The show premieres this Wednesday, January 22, at 10 p.m, and will run for 10 episodes. In the meantime, check out the pilot online, and share your thoughts in the comments.


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