You can make a crapload of money as an ice cream taster

ice cream taster
This kid? She’s getting rich. via Flickr user clappstar

You there, the one in the cubicle, or maybe the weird open office plan where everyone can see your work-related self-loathing written all over your face at all times: hate your job and want to get a new one? If that’s the case, consider making the life changes that would allow you to get some of these lucrative jobs that Inc. managed to find, that pay well AND sound fun. Well okay, a bomb disposal expert doesn’t really sound fun, but the rest of the jobs they found sound better than sitting in front of a dang screen all day.

An ice cream taster, for instance, makes $60,000/year according to the Inc. infographic¬†about potential dream jobs. Sixty thousand damn dollars a year just to eat ice cream and pass judgement on the taste, texture and smell of the ice cream. Oh sure the word is that you need a “food science” degree, but we bet you could also get it with say, a few well-regarded rants on the nature of Ben and Jerry’s as non-ice cream, as opposed to faking a degree from Hollywood Upstairs Food Science College.

Of course, if ice cream isn’t your thing for whatever reason, you could also be a professional video game player for $50,000/year (job pitfalls: Gamergaters all up in your Twitter feed forever), a voice-over artist pulling down $80,000/year or even a blimp pilot making $70,000/year. Oh sure you need to be “certified” for that one too, but it’s obviously worth going to blimp school just so when people at parties ask what you do, you can reply “Blimp captain” and sip your drink as if it’s not a big deal you pilot a blimp for a living. While it briefly caught our eye, it turns out that “race engineer” is actually someone who makes race cars perform well, and not someone who designs a new race, like the mad scientist Yacub. Maybe you’re more into racing than eugenics though, we don’t know your life.

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