Snag free tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival this week

tribeca film festival
Maybe you can meet DeNiro and finally get that big break. via Facebook

It’s almost time for the Tribeca Film Festival, New York City’s annual show of force letting those jerks at Sundance know that we can do movie festivals too. You might be thinking it’s time you hobnobbed with the types of people that go to Tribeca, in the hopes of getting some good selfies or a getting a project off the ground, but you also might not want to pay for the privilege. For one day anyway, you won’t have to, because you can snag free tickets this week to any of the Tribeca Film Festival’s programming on April 24, just by popping into an AT&T store.

Starting today and running through Thursday, if you want a pair of free tickets to see one of the films being shown at Tribeca on April 24, all you have to do is go to a participating AT&T store and ask someone to point you to free ticket machine. Once there, you pick your movie, put in your email address and voila, you too can see Drunk, Stones, Brilliant, Dead, a documentary looking at the history of National Lampoon’s or Hungry Hearts, a movie where Adam Driver grapples with the next step facing all everyone from the generational Girls is documenting: psychosis brought on by the arrival of a new child. Those are just two of your choices though, so don’t let us guide the decision of what you’re going to see. Instead, let your intuition of what movies famous people will be watching guide you.

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