You can get Ample Hills through the mail now (for a hefty price)

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Finally, a reason to look forward to the mail. via Facebook

Ample Hills is great, but sometimes if you feel like shoving some of their ice cream in your mouth, you wind up waiting on a line that lasts longer than “Stairway to Heaven.” Which you know because you’ve listened to it wile standing on line. If you hate waiting on lines that much but have the patience to wait a whole day or two for a lot of ice cream, good news: Ample Hills will FedEx you six pints of ice cream now, according to the Wall Street Journal. It’ll cost you though. Oh will it cost you.

At first glance, yes, obviously it seems like a decent deal to stock your freezer with six pints of Ample Hills ice cream for $60 without even having to put on pants. They offer either a “Classics” collection, with flavors like Salted Crack Caramel and Sweet as Honey, or a “Choose Your Own Adventure” collection that allows you to pick six pints from 10 flavors.

Which is all well and good, but two-day shipping will run you $27.60, and overnight shipping will cost you $36.27, and that’s just to get it shipped in Brooklyn. So you’re looking at paying $87.60 or $96.27 for six pints of ice cream. Don’t get us wrong, the idea of ice cream showing up in the mail sounds wonderful, but maybe save this for a surprise gift for a friend in another state (who you later call in a favor from). For you, here in Brooklyn, just deal with the line. How much is your time really worth anyway?

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  1. I could understand doing this if I was in, like, Nevada or something, but why would I pay ~$15/pint to have it delivered to me IN BROOKLYN when I could just, you know, go to one of their locations? That’s awfully lazy.

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