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Tonight: Get a $5 dinner at The Meatball Shop

meatball shop
Look at all those balls. via Facebook

There’s bad news all around, whether we’re talking about the rent or about balls. So fine, we’ll give in and share at least a little bit of good news with you, at least on the ball front. The Meatball Shop has managed to stick around for five whole years, which almost qualifies for a miracle at this point when it comes to beloved New York restaurants. So, as a thank you to people for keeping them alive these years, you can get a $5 dinner at the Lower East Side location (84 Stanton Street) Monday.

Yep, instead of spending your hard-earned five dollars on a fucking disgusting Subway footlong, you can use your $5 bill to get yourself an actual meal. A side and an entree for just $5 is usually some “Back in my day” thing your grandparents tell you about that you tune out, but for once you too can experience what it was like to eat a meal as if America and the Soviet Union are the only two world economies that matter and good jobs were available to even the laziest and most shiftless of Americans. So take a look at the menu, start figuring out what you’re gonna get and ignore the prices they have listed for everything, because tomorrow you’re eating on Mister Lincoln.


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