Damn the man, everyday: You can now bid on this giant Empire Records sign

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Damn the space in your apartment, buy the sign.

Were you unable to go to the Empire Records party at Rough Trade and now you’re seething with anger seeing your friends’ Facebook pictures showing them having a great time? Don’t worry, you can upstage them in the most ridiculous way possible, because now you can buy the Empire Records sign that BBQ Films brought to the party. The only catch is that you’ll have to bid on it on eBay against other crazies who want the sign (it’s at zero bids still as of this posting). 

While the sign isn’t THE Empire Records sign, it is a giant EMPIRE RECORDS sign, and you can own it. The 13′ x 3.5′ sign is going for just $1,000 at the moment, and that’s what, three weeks pay maybe? Totally worth a paycheck or two to have a 13-foot long sign in your apartment, it’s about as good a conversation piece as you’re gonna find. Okay yeah, there is a good deed element to the auction, since if the sign sells for more than it costs, all the proceeds go to Opening Act, a charity that brings theater programs to under-served schools.

And let’s face it, this 90s nostalgia thing is running damn strong, so all you’re gonna need to say on dates is “Hey, wanna come over and see my giant Empire Records sign?” and your foolish, nostalgia-blinded date will surely say yes. Sure, you’re gonna have to sleep on the sign because you sold your bed to buy food after you spent all your money on this damn sign, but that’s still worth it.

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