Get your lightsaber skills in order: You can audition for Star Wars 7

han solo
“Do it, kid, you’ll make enough money buy your own ship.”

Despite the Star Wars prequels taking some of the joy out of the whole series, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with the series (plus, the pod race scene was pretty cool). And now of course, we’re getting Star Wars sequels, which is giving nerds everywhere agita. But even the most die-hard hater of the prequels and the idea of the sequels wouldn’t pass this up: you, yes you there, can potentially be the star of the Star Wars 7. Provided that you can play either a 17-18 year-old girl or a 19-23 year-old man.

Seriously? Yes, seriously. While the in-person open call auditions for “Rachel” and “Thomas” are happening in cities like St. Louis, Austin and (owner of the second tallest building in America) Chicago, there’s also an opportunity to record and upload your own audition tape without having to show up those places. Just give Cast It Talent your email address and they’ll send you the sample script, which involves Rachel and an injured Thomas on the run from something that seriously fucked Thomas up. The sample script also has some tips on how to make a good audition tape. Here’s a sample of one that isn’t that:

The casting company is looking for a beautiful, smart and athletic woman to play Rachel, who’s 17 or 18 years old. Thomas, meanwhile, is anywhere between 19 and 23 years old, and is handsome, smart and athletic. Even if you’re sure you have the acting chops, if you fit the mold you should try it out, because Hayden Christensen was in the prequels and he was terrible. As for you all you parents and oldsters who don’t fit the requirements but still have Star Wars dreams, or any dreams really before you woke up one day and realized the world had cruelly passed you by, well, sorry.


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