Calling all Batmans: Participate in some good old fashioned vigilantism with WNYC

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WNYC wants your help chasing down some jokers in Albany

Many of us, sadly, have reached the point in our lives where we’re realizing that we’re never going to be heroic crime fighters. We have no utility belts, no gymnastics training, no knack to be at the right place at the right time. But now, WNYC, our favorite public radio station, is extending a batarang of hope to all of us wannabe heroes out there, asking us to help them track down who an anonymous corrupt pol called out by an Albany corruption investigation is. And you don’t even need a Batmobile to help them!

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Moreland Commission (and how could you not, it’s SCINTILLATING), it’s an investigative tool that allows New York’s governor to investigate any public agency or board. In this case, Andrew Cuomo is using it to investigate public corruption in the state legislature. And even a cursory glance at Albany tells you that it’s a cesspool of politicians who previously thought they were untouchable.

But the Moreland Commission’s preliminary report is touching state legislators, and touching them hard, especially on the subject of steering public money to non-profits they’re affiliated with, that then don’t deliver on what they’re supposed to do at all. WNYC found a mention in the report of a New York City-based non-profit located in a storefront, somewhere, that got $3 million dollars to provide medical services, without providing medical services. But the report didn’t name names, so WNYC is taking it upon themselves to find out what non-profit this is, and who gave them the money. They’ve got some details on it on their site, and will take anonymous tips if you think you know something. Sure vigilantism is usually wrong, but at a time like this, who are you to pass up the chance to be the hero New York deserves?

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