Call it a la cartography (or not… up to you)

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How cool is this—an econo-chow map of Brooklyn? From Greenpoint blintzes to Flatbush cabrit (Haitian goat stew) to Mill Basin pastrami, here’s an interactive map—the brainchild of Brooklyn photographer and graphic designer Sonja Shield—of about 100-odd cheap eateries here in Brooklyn. Click on each location to read a review; writeups are culled from the Times, New York Magazine, Time Out, and the Village Voice. At


  1. Oy! As a former Brooklynite, I was just perusing your new site and was pretty much enjoying your content. Then I saw your quip about the Upper East Side (in your About section ). What cheek! How dare you in the junior boroughs make fun of the most desirable nabe in the senior boro! Now I know what the Dit in Ditmas Park stands for: Ditsy! I didn’t spend my time slumming it in Brooklyn Heights, working my tail off to cross the Brooklyn Bridge in glory to have snide comments made about my tony district. You may aspire to Park Slope but I have set my sites higher!

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