A BYOC miniature golf course may be coming to Fulton Mall

If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). via flickr user Candie N.
If they build it, you will come (and bring your own club). Via flickr user Candie N.

Miniature golf enthusiasts rejoice! Actual golf enthusiasts, just say “Oh, okay, sure.” Among the slew of summer expansion packs to the borough (read: patio season), comes an announcement that we may be getting our very own miniature golf course in Downtown Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, the course would occupy the stretch of plaza in Fulton Mall known as Albee Square. And it would be free to play if you bring your own clubs and balls.

We’ve never heard of anyone who stores their miniature golf equipment at home, just waiting for the advent of a bring-your-own-balls golf course to bust it all out. But if you’re actually packing, then you can look forward to gratis games anytime the course is open! The Fulton Mall Improvement Association is still waiting on city bids to determine whether the course will be 9 or 18 holes, the Post reports.

Since the course is slated to sit right in the middle of a busy pedestrian thoroughfare, you probably won’t be seeing any of that fancy suburban architecture that usually embellishes each hole. Think shuffleboard or tetherball, as opposed to bowling alley or baseball diamond. (For our own part, we’re just excited for the day when some kid gets his head stuck in the windmill hole and they have to close the whole thing down for a day to get him out.)

You can read more about upcoming neighborhood initiatives on the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s websitelike plans to re-open that defunct little city park at Fulton and Lafayette. For now, just “putt” your worries aside and dream of your next tiny hole-in-one. 

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