Bync, a highly personalized, slightly creepy new deal site

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Just don’t think about the idea of all that bank account info spilling OUT of it

The other day, when presenting this delicious Oaxaca Groupon, I expressed annoyance that I don’t get that in my inbox but get helicopter tour offers instead. Lifehacker found a service that is much more personalized, but also seems a bit more Orwellian, in the oddly named Bync. Ohhh, wait, is it “buy” and “sync” together? Yeah, still weird.

What separates Bync from other deal services is that you sync your bank account or credit card purchase info with it then the service scans it to see where you’re shopping and only sends you deals from places you shop at frequently. They claim to have very secure servers, because it’s not like they’ll say “Nah, come on, just take a chance here,” so as long as you’re alright with someone else storing that data, it seems like a good way to get deals. But, if you don’t already, definitely start paying for your purchases at “adult novelty store” in cash, if you decide to use Bync, just in case.

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