Buzzfeed has a paid sports internship for women’s sports fans

Brittney Griner
If you know this is Brittney Griner, Buzzfeed has a job for you. via NPR

Every sports fan dreams of being a sportswriter, but only a select few are able to actually do it. The big stumbling block is that you have to actually be able to string together a coherent sentence about sports, not just know a lot about them. But if you are able to string your passion for sports together with your ability to write, Buzzfeed has a paid (PAID!) internship for you in their sports section.

They want someone passionate about all sports, according to the job listing, but they especially want someone who knows about women’s sports. “Familiarity with the intersection of women’s issues and sports is REQUIRED,” according to the listing.¬†For example, if you can wax poetic about Brittney Griner throwing down huge windmill dunks on the patriarchy, this could very well be the job for you. And of course, you’ll need to be good at all the requisite social media stuff out there, since Buzzfeed is nothing if not relevant.

They want you to have previously published sports work, but they’ll also accept your own blog posts as proof of writing experience. So, if you want in, send them an email with your resume, your best writing samples from the world of sports and links to your social media presence. Who knows, this could be the start of a career that last long enough that you eventually get to sell a Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin.

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