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Build It Green! NYC needs an environmentally-friendly accountant

build it green! nyc
You could be riding your bike to work, just like these folks. via Facebook

Love the environment and love math? We suppose there are some of you out there who manage to fit both of those categories at once, and in terms of making money, your ship has come in. Non-profit salvage center Build It Green! NYC needs an accountant, an accountant who loves the environment so much that they’ll ride their bike to work. Which is easy in the summer, especially if you’re making up to $25/hour. Might be  little tougher in the winter, but think about that then, not now.

Yep, you read that right, a job with an awesome environmentally-friendly company that will pay you between $20 and $25/hour, based on your experience. As their bookkeeper/accounting clerk, you’ll be responsible for all the bookkeeping, making sure the cash registers are in order, making sure their vendor accounts are in good standing and working with HR on payroll. It might sound like a lot, but it’s actually a part-time gig, only 21 hours per week, but that still a decent amount of money. Plus you can also tell dates about how you work for the environment. Dates love the environment.

Build It Green wants someone who either has a BA in accounting or three years of commensurate experience, not to mention experience running an office in a non-profit. They also want you to know how to use Quickbooks and GoogleApps. Oh and the biking thing. You’ll be splitting time between their Astoria and Gowanus locations, and the job listing says you’ll have to travel between the sites, “preferably by bike.” Take it from us, there’s nothing like getting paid to ride your bike, so if you’re even kind of interested in the job, jump at it by emailing your resume and cover letter to jobs [AT] with the subject line “Part Time Bookkeeper/Accounting Clerk.”

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