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BrunchCon is now a thing, and it’s coming to Brooklyn in March

BrunchCon in LA; it hits Brooklyn in March. Via Facebook.
BrunchCon in LA; it hits Brooklyn in March. Via Facebook.

There was a time when the question “is brunch good or for jerks?” was the biggest debate on our minds. That was 45 political years ago in the ancient time of 2014. Is brunch actually for jerks? It’s just a meal of food, but it probably is, only because most things that are fun are for jerks in one way or another. The culture of something does start to change, however, when there’s an actual convention around it: See Comic-Con, PonyConRomCon etc. Now NYC’s first-ever BrunchCon is on its way in March, and it’s got Brooklyn, possibly the brunch capital of America, in its sights. As TimeOut reports:

“Beyond bites, you can gulp down bubbly at an open mimosa bar, lay down in a dimly-lit hangover lounge or shop brunch-related products at a BrunchCon market. And for those that aren’t too hungover to socialize, there’s even speed dating.”

The event is on March 26 (a Sunday, naturally) at Grand Prospect Hall, a place to make all your brunch dreams come true. Tickets are going for $55 until February 15th, when they will bump up to $60 until March 26. Is a brunch convention worth $60? Some people would probably spend that much on fancily plated eggs, charred rare beast and a splash of champagne in orange juice on a regular brunch Sunday anyway.

We’re sad to hear BrunchCon won’t have the usual trappings of a convention though: lining up for hours to get into the sneak-preview avocado toast panel, shopping for vintage BEC sandwiches from the ’60s, getting autographs from celebrity potatoes and that buttermilk biscuit that was a runner up in a reality show or trading bloody mary garnishes with a pimply kid from New Jersey. But we all need to find our people right now, and if brunch is your people, go forth and be with them. It’s unclear if you can just walk in with your ticket or if you have to put your name on a list and wait uncomfortably on the sidewalk for two hours first.

More info and tickets here.

The "hangover lounge" at BrunchCon. Via website.
The “hangover lounge” at BrunchCon. Via website.


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