Brooklyn’s unknown history revealed with unofficial landmark plaques

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Presumably these Metropolitans could beat he current group. Even today. via National Register of Historic Places, 2013 Additions

Brooklyn is quite old, were you aware? And because of that, there’s basically history on every corner of our fair borough. And not just really obvious things like being the former home of the Dodgers or the current home of where literally everything cool in the world was birthed from. Did you know we’re home to the birth of roller disco? Or that our borough was a pioneer in safe food dye? Well, it’s a good thing artist Anna Robinson-Sweet is going around and putting up plaques letting us know.

Sweet-Robinson’s plaques, which she’s made to mimic the kind put up by the National Parks Service on actual designated landmarks are placed on the buildings that stand in the place of where the history went down. Even though Sweet-Robinson said that she picked the locations for the plaques randomly, off of old fire insurance maps. Yet she still came up with the place where the curveball was proven to be real, a 187-year-old grist mill and a Civil War cylorama so real if brought veterans to tears. Check out her site for more of her thoughts on urban history and landmarking, along with the complete collection of her 10 historical plaques.

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  1. This is awesome, the land marks I saw on the website all looked really interesting. I’d say this is pretty legit.

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