Brooklyn’s median rental price now just $300 short of Manhattan’s

brooklyn apartment
This is your new Manhattan. via Flickr user roboppy

The Christmas season is the time for giving, as we all know. Giving to your landlord that is, at least judging by the news that Brooklyn’s median rent hit $2800 last month, inching it ever closer to Manhattan’s $3100 per month median rent. Some time in the future, an alien historian will pick a charred textbook (after Godzilla, of course) out of the rubble that calls this ever-increasing rent “Bloomberg’s Revenge.”

The report, from Douglas Elliman Real Estate, lays it out starkly for all of us to see. The median rent since last November has gone from $2698 to $2800 in the past year, which hey, doesn’t seem so bad for the FOREVER NIGHTMARE that is trying to find an apartment that won’t cost you all of your money. But it is bad, because Jesus, $2800 is so much money, and if you have kids you’d better put them to work in the MakerBot factory, because a 3-bedroom apartment still costs over $4000/month, $4009 to be exact and you and the missus aren’t covering that on your own.

Is there any good news anywhere on this? If you want to cram two people into a studio, those dropped to a median price of $1912 per month. This isn’t official corporate Brokelyn policy or anything, but bring on the crime wave of de Blasio’s New York. I don’t care if it kills me, if it lowers the real estate prices to the point where someone can afford to live here.

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