Brooklyn’s future farmers need you

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BK Farmyards' Kingston Ave. vision

You gotta root for a group that’s teaching Crown Heights high schoolers to farm. That’s BK Farmyards‘ plan, anyway, but they need some help. After feeding six people for 12 weeks on 600 sq. ft. in Ditmas Park last year, the land-transforming BK non-profit is partnering with the High School for Public Service to start a 1-acre farmyard on the school’s Kingston Ave. grounds. The farm will be one of the area’s few local food sources, and its young caretakers will learn a bit about food and the environment (they’ll also get their hands dirty with some actual… dirt). But fruitful dirt doesn’t come cheap, so BK Farmyards has set up a page on the funding platform Kickstarter to help bring in some much-needed financial aid.

Suggested donations start at $11—which will get you a ticket to a green-themed movie night—and there are other gifts all the way up to the $1000 category, which will get you season-long consultation on starting and maintaining your very own backyard farm. The group must reach its goal by Feb. 26, and contributions will go toward hiring the experienced farmers necessary to get the whole thing rolling. Donate or learn more here.

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