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Not just for weekends: Brooklyn’s best weekday brunch spots

Eggs Rothko at Egg. via I Heart Brunch

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that brunch is just about the best thing ever. But all those eggs, pancakes and unlimited mimosas are usually only available on  Saturday and Sunday mornings (or, err, afternoons?), and if you’re like me, a wonky weekend work schedule might be keeping you from all the fun. But have no fear, Brokesters, because we found a whole bunch of weekday brunch spots in Brooklyn that serve frittatas, and occasionally even bloodys on the weekdays, just for you! Food Baby Tuesday, anyone?

Café Ghia
24 Irving Ave, Bushwick, 718-821-8806
Daily brunch, 10 am-4:30pm

This Bushwick brunch spot will feed your hangover with $7 Bloody Marys and $10 tomato sauce-tossed baked eggs all week. They’ve also got whipped cream topped Belgian waffles, $9, vegan scramble with kale and tofu, $10, and $3 bottomless coffee that’ll keep you from crashing into a Wednesday afternoon food coma. Plus, weekday happy hour starts at 4pm, so you can seamlessly transition from breakfast to heavy boozing. Bon appetit!

Burekas at Miriam

79 5th Ave, Park Slope, (718) 622-2250
Daily brunch, 10 am-4pm

We’ve extolled Miriam’s virtues before, and for good reason. They’ve gone ahead and added brunch daily, so feel free to fill up on $14 Challah bread croquet madames, Mediterranean omelets, pancakes, pita and burekas every day of the week. There are also tasty salads, eggs and Israeli-style sandwiches a la carte for recessionistas looking to keep the tab down.  No alcohol, sadly, but all entrees come with complimentary coffee.

135 N. 5th St, Williamsburg, 718-302-5151
Daily breakfast, 7am-6pm

Egg is notorious for long weekend brunch lines, but you can avoid the wait by showing up on a weekday morning (or late-afternoon!) instead. Fill up on farm-fresh breakfast staples like biscuits and gravy, $11, Eggs Rothko, $10, or hearty pancakes sprinkled with Vermont syrup, $9. The menu also offers a number of meats and grains, either as side dishes or under $10 breakfast bites. French-press coffee runs $3 a cup, and there are $8 mimosas to give your meal a little kick. (Egg’s new sister restaurant, Parish Hall, is delicious too!)

French toast in the land of pizza

261 Moore St, Bushwick, 718-417-1118
Weekdays opening at 11am

Roberta’s might have Michelin-starred pizza, but they’ve also got a killer brunch. Dishes can be a little pricey–a very stellar porchetta dish with fried eggs and kale runs $19, for instance–but $9 bacon, egg and cheeses on potato rolls and $12 pumpkin french toast are wallet-friendly and delicious. You can also order any pizza dish off the menu. Plus, they serve Stumptown, Blue Bottle and Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee, and have a solid cocktail menu at all hours.

293 Van Brunt St, Red Hook, 347-223-4135
Wed-Sun 10am-4pm

(Note: home/made is currently rebuilding after Sandy, but that doesn’t change how much we loved their food. So help ’em out if you can, and then you can see what we loved about it)

This little Red Hook nook is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but they do serve an awesome brunch and lunch the rest of the week. Locally-sourced egg dishes like smoked salmon and dill scramble are $9.75 each. So is french toast with sauteed seasonal fruit, and a healthy granola parfait runs $9.50. You can get tea and unlimited coffee for $3; mimosas ($8) and kir royales ($9) are also on the menu.

Poached eggs and polenta. via Foods and Flowers

The Farm on Adderley
1108 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park, 718-287-3101
Daily breakfast 9am-3pm

This Ditmas Park eatery serves locally-sourced brunch meals on Saturdays and Sundays, but it’s also a prime dining spot for hearty, budget-friendly weekday breakfasts. Check out $7 cheddar cheese-sprinkled farm omelets, poached eggs and polenta for $9, and quiche with smoked bacon, also $9. If you’re looking to start your day off with a little more meat, go ahead and spring for $12 sausage and eggs (worth it!). Unfortunately, bloodys and mimosas are just for the weekend brunch set, but you can wash breakfast down with fresh apple cider, $4, or an old-timey Fentiman’s ginger beer, $3.

352 Bedford Ave,  Williamsburg, 718-782-0910
Daily brunch 9am-5pm

Dinner at Rabbithole can be a bit costly, but the belt-tightening brunch is a great deal. Inventive omelets, like one with salmon, capers and chive cream cheese, run $10 to $11, while the stellar stuffed French toast with strawberry marsepone is only $9, as is the eggs Benedict with spiced bacon.


  1. Pat I.

    Are you guys kidding me? These are good deals? What flyover cul-de-sac are you guys from? do they charge you extra for takeout for the food stuck in your red beards?

          • Of course you’d find Pat’s comment boring, Dim. It’s obvious that to generate any interest from your weak, degenerate waste of a generation topics need to be limited to things like “whisker wars” or “artisanal monocles”… The rest of us normal, pragmatic, hard-working New Yorkers are anything but bored when a whole race of bearded losers insult us by saying that brunching on $7 bloody marys is “budget-friendly”

            • Tim Donnelly

              you see, this is why you guys are so dreeaaaaaaadfully borrrrrring: it’s like you’re spewing the same buzz words from the DieHipster sentence generator machine like some sort of Chinese spam bot stuck in 2004. I know it would take all of 5 minutes to actually read our site, but I’d hate to ask you to maybe be informed about the things of which you speak, which might cause your head to explode with information. Then again, I’d love to see how you can come up with a way to hate Brokelyn’s top posts of the year, which were all related to ways to help Sandy victims. But I’m sure that’s something you’d say “real” New Yorkers don’t care about, right?

    • David Colon

      “do they charge you extra for takeout for the food stuck in your red beards?” That’s the kind of pro-business idea and attitude we need at City Hall. Have you thrown your hat in the mayoral race yet?

  2. 10$ Bacon and Egg sandwich? Disgusting. It’s shameful to see how a place as culturally rich and authentic as Brooklyn has been diluted by these soulless cafes and coffee shops. Pathetic.

  3. CousinEddie

    Ms. Fishbein, this is terrible. “…weekday happy hour starts at 4pm, so you can seamlessly transition from breakfast to heavy boozing.”

    Perhaps you, and those who are on staycation, can have breakfast at three in the afternoon, but the real world is working at this time. If they are not working, they with their families, and the late-shifters are sleeping.

    Commentary like this is the reason people do not like the “hip” set.

    • David Colon

      Actually cuz, plenty of young people in Brooklyn work in retail or the service industry, which means things like calling Tuesday and Wednesday your weekend if you’re lucky enough to get two straight days off. So it’s not so much a staycation as it is, y’know, your day off. Sorry it’s not real enough for you.

  4. Kris Kemp

    This is a joke, right? Eggs for $10 bucks? You’ve got to be kidding! I’d rather walk to my corner bagel store and get eggs, bacon, cheese on bagel for $3.75, or grab an egg sandwich at the street vendor for $2, or visit Dunkin Donuts for a #2 special of 2 donuts and a tea for $3-something. You’re ripping people off with these prices. The food lin the pictures looks disgusting. I’d rather eat at a normal diner and pay normal prices. To all people reading this who want to save money, go to the fruit stand and get a banana for a quarter. Or visit your local convenience store deli. Skip this overpriced, over-hyped food.

    • Derp Dergelstein

      Yes but the difference is – the $3.75 eggs/bacon/chz bagel sucks, and probably is loaded with shite ingredients from the industrialized food world. Plus youre not relaxing in a restaurant setting, or one that also sucks. Youre comparing to Dunkin Donuts? You dont realize that not everyone just devolves to the lowest common denominator in things? Some people actually have taste, and it might be more develo

      I also love how much people praise their slavery. Some people arent willing to do what corporate america wants all the time, and do outlandish things like avoid work like the plague. Some people would rather spend all their money on $10 sandwiches that are fucking awesome and just chilling out, rather than just hustle 24/7 so you can fund your hustling.

      Have fun working all the time so you can thoroughly enjoy your McDonald’s fries.

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