Brooklyn we biz hard: BK startups thrived while other boroughs sunk

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Attractive, intelligent contributors to Brooklyn’s startup economy. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Sometimes it feels like the only thing Brooklyn leads the world in is rent costs spiraling out of control. Which, to be fair, is one of the things it leads the world in. But take heart! According to a new report, we’re also kicking ass at starting our own businesses. And even better, we’re doing so much better than the rest of the city, we can lord it over the other four boroughs!

The Daily News brings word of a report by the Center for an Urban Future that found that since 2007, Brooklyn has been the only borough to see a net gain of new companies started by daring entrepreneurs in New York City. So there, other boroughs constantly being pitched as “the new Brooklyn.” Of course, for anyone who’s watched as the whole artisan and DIY thing has kicked into high gear, this is just a confirmation of something they thought anyway. And it isn’t just people selling baubles on Etsy either. The Daily News talked to the founders of HowAboutWe, based in DUMBO, the owner or a new Mexican restaurant in Sunset Park and a furniture maker in Red Hook, highlighting the economic diversity in the borough. We don’t know why they didn’t talk to any handsome bloggers. Must not have any of our phone numbers.

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