At Brooklyn swimming hole, a new kind of Dumpster-diving

picture-187The most impressive example of “upcycling” we’ve seen yet: a bunch of arty types have turned a handful of construction Dumpsters into three swimming pools somewhere in Brooklyn, where they host Friday pool parties.

The photos turned up this week in on the blog of crafty DIY bible ReadyMade magazine, which says pools are the brainchild of Macro/Sea, a murky group of art-world scamps that includes skater/author Jocko Weyland. Their mission is “to do projects we find interesting” including making as-yet-unseen new uses of abandoned strip malls. Dumpsters too, have been neglected amid the downturn, and these have been painted, sealed with 6 ml. lining, given a sand base, and then again sealed with a tarp, so they’re “not dangerous at all,” writes ReadyMade’s Andrew Wagner. The builders have also surrounded them with spiffy Trex-like decking.

So where are they? ReadyMade will say only that they’re “in Brooklyn.” Apparently Weyland doesn’t want to say for fear of attracting crowds, but the industrial surroundings suggest Williamsburg, Greenpoint or Bushwick… or Red Hook? Any guesses? Read the full story here.


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