Brooklyn residents: beautiful on the outside AND the inside

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What we all look like on the inside. via Celebrity Baby Scoop

Walk the streets around here and you’ll come to the following conclusion pretty quickly: the residents of Brooklyn are bunch of attractive mofos. Of course, if there’s anything Hollywood has taught us (and not listened to AT ALL), it’s that inner beauty is just as, if not more important than being pretty on the outside. Lucky for us then, that the Brooklyn Community Foundation studied Brooklyn’s charitable giving as a percentage of income and determined we’re number one in the city!

The BCF Trend Report studied civic engagement in Brooklyn from a variety of factors, from voting registration and turnout to 311 calls and how many block associations we have. Most interesting to us is that Brooklyn residents as a whole give 4.6% of their annual income to charity, which has us on top of the mountain in that department. Sure, sure, charitable giving isn’t a competition, but just between you and us, of course we know it is, because everything in the city is. Giving us that much more of a glow is the fact that one in five of us work in the public sector or for a non-profit. So pat yourselves on the back, maybe even kiss your reflection in the mirror you beautiful S.O.Bs. And in the comments tell us some worthwhile charities to direct our dollar to.

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  1. Outside of a Brooklynite, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a Brooklynite it’s too dark to read.

    (with apologies to Groucho)

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