The library goes where you go with BK Library’s new mobile app

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No no, the other kind of mobile. Spacephone mobile

The Brooklyn Public Library is doing an admirable job of keeping up with the times. They re-branded themselves (although people weren’t too into it), they’ve got a huge co-working space, with a recording studio, and now they’re getting into the mobile app game.

The Brooklyn Public Library mobile app will allow you to do everything you can do at a physical library location except for get shushed by the lady behind the reference desk. You can search their card catalog, put a hold on a book and scan an ISBN to see if the library has the book in their collection. You can even pay your fines on overdue books through it. Which is a relief for us since one of the books we took out like two years ago is still somewhere in a friend’s apartment. Anyway, if you aren’t a scofflaw like us, you can download the app here for the iPhone and here for Android. We’re waiting with bated breath to see what the Mellow Pages does to keep up.

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