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Brooklyn Poetry: Cary Bogart Ziter


This is how it is:
wind pushing through
straws, heart-quick,
gentle on our cheeks.
Discreetly, I relate
the facts, the page
on which we kiss.
This is how it is;
secrets in my head
soon written, long read.


Way up there in the small
braids of sky a bluebird
rubs its eyes, smooths its
bright blue-ribbon wings
and never startled
by the sun
sets off to see children
rummaging through red-
tinted leaves piled high
beneath the stoic
maple tree.

Cary Bogart Ziter is the author of three published books for young readers, numerous trade magazine articles, and poetry in The Front Range Review, Colorado Review, Blueline, Spilled Ink, and other literary journals. He lives in downtown Brooklyn with his wife, Jozi, a photographer.

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