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Brooklyn is all over NY Mag’s ‘Best New Cheap Eats’ list

Pierogies anyone? They're cheap! Photo by Bethany Bandera, via Facebook
Pierogies anyone? They’re cheap! Photo by Bethany Bandera, via Facebook

The good thing about living here and and eating cheap is you don’t have to be saddled with the same old cheap stuff you’ve been eating for a whole year. You can still be culinarily polyamorous even if you’re financially limited, because people are either opening new restaurants with good cheap stuff or just pointing out places you hadn’t known about before. Take New York Magazine‘s 30 best new cheap eats in New York, which is full of cheap new places you should try, with 9 of the of 30 places in Brooklyn. After all, why add long transportation to part of the opportunity cost of eating new cheap food?

Mr. Curry
378 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, (718) 387-4777

Early Coffee & Sandwich Shop
967 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, (718) 383-6963

Little Saigon Pearl
9 Bay 35th Street, Gravesend (718) 996-8808


via Facebook
via Facebook

East Wind Snack Shop
471 16th Street, Windsor Terrace, (929) 295-0188

Baba’s Pierogies
295 Third Avenue, Gowanus, (718) 222-0777

The Food Sermon
355 Rogers Avenue, Crown Heights, (718) 484-7555

Hard Times Sundaes
5700 Avenue U, Mill Basin

Morris Sandwich Shop
569 Lincoln Place, Crown Heights, (718) 398-2145


via Instagram
via Instagram

Rose’s Bar & Grill
295 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights, (718) 230-0427

Of course, there are also places outside of Brooklyn with cheap eats, if you’re planning a vacation or something, so check out the full list here, and remember to tip well.

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