Brooklyn desperate for census workers—how to apply

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So we’ve been meaning to post about these census-taking gigs that pay around $20 an hour, and just today a thoughtful and generous tipster writes in to tell us that Brooklyn is currently facing a shortage of census takers. He also tells us how to apply. Kind tipster, please take it away:

“I am currently working for the 2010 Census, and the local office based on Fulton St, which covers the neighborhoods reaching from DUMBO to Clinton Hill & Prospect Heights—Red Hook to Sunset Park (and everything in between) is currently facing a shortage of applicants for Enumerating jobs in this region.

“We are so short on applicants that everyone in our database will be offered a job within the next 6 weeks, and due to refusals and not being able to reach some people we probably won’t be able to fill all of the jobs that we have.

“This is a great opportunity for people in this area to make some quick cash. The greatest number of jobs that will be available pay $18.75 an hour, but there will be positions available that pay from $14.50/hr. to $20.25/hr. and offer flexible part-time and full-time schedules including evening and weekend hours. The job also includes a paid training period.

“All people have to do is call 718-360-5150 to schedule to take the test. Or, show up at the Big Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza between 1:30 and 1:45 this Sunday, with two forms of ID (Photo – Passport, License, State ID plus a Social Security Card, or Birth Certificate.) It’s that simple. Due to the shortage, just about any passing score will net a job.

“I’ve been working for the Census on and off for a while, and it’s an interesting job. I highly recommend it, especially for people who are interested in Brooklyn and people.”

Thanks for the extremely useful info, whoever you are! Everyone else, if you have a scoop, please send it to tips [at] brokelyn [dot] com.


  1. I think part of the reason there are so many positions is the snow. They’ve cancelled tests (that I’ve signed up for) because of it. In any case I’ll be at the central library this Saturday to finally take it!

  2. ohmaykay

    My boyfriend and I took the test weeks ago and haven’t heard a peep from them… I don’t think there’s anything else you can do besides pass the test and wait for a phone call – but if anyone has any tips please let me know. I figured at least my boyfriend would be hired, since he’s bilingual and we live in Sunset Park.

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