Love is magic: Ponycon NYC coming to Brooklyn Valentine’s Day weekend

ponycon nyc
It’s time to party. via Facebook

If there’s one accusation that we can’t stand to hear people make about young adults in Brooklyn, it’s when they say we refuse to grow up. What, just because we enjoy sledding? And some people pay over $300 for adult preschool? And Ponycon, a My Little Pony Convention where grown men who love the show gather to talk about it, is setting up here? These all sound very adult to us. What’s more adult than planning and running your own conference?

So yeah, the bronies are coming to Downtown Brooklyn this year, with the third annual Ponycon NYC taking place at St. Francis College from February 14 to 16, according to DNA Info. Sure it’s a little different we guess, being obsessed with a children’s show to the point where you get very angry when one of the characters is made to seem less mentally disabled, but live and let live we say. The celebration of all things My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will consists of things like tea parties and arts and crafts for the children who attend and lessons on how to draw the characters and write your own fanfiction.

Interestingly, this is taking place the same weekend as the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities (and Valentine’s Day) down the block at the Barclays Center, which means we might find out which All Stars are secret bronies. Just keep an eye out for anyone freakishly tall carrying a plush My Little Pony doll.

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