Brooklyn leads the city in disgusting grocery stores

Look you just scrape off the mold and then everyone's happy
Look you just scrape off the mold and then everyone’s happy

Well, you know what they say about being on top: You gotta take the good with the bad. It’s what they say, don’t look it up. So while on the one hand Brooklyn has led the surge in creative industry hires in New York City, on the other hand, we also have the most grocery stores in the city with at least one health code violation. Is weird fungus growing on our food the reason for our creativity? Could be!

The news of our grody grocery stores comes courtesy of amNewYork, who took a look at data collected by the Department of Agriculture and Markets’ New York Division of Food Safety and Inspection over the last year and made this map out of it. The health violations the department found included things like rodent and bird droppings, filthy unmaintained bathrooms, foods stores at the wrong temperatures and other dirty deeds that make you want to never eat again.

In total, there were 847 grocery stores across the city that got hit with at least one health violation, but Brooklyn led the pack by far, with 359 violations. That’s 42% of all the grocery stores in the data! In contrast, Manhattan came in second with 152 violations. Of course, if you live here long enough, you’ve probably breathed in and been exposed to all sorts of rancid stuff without ever having given it a second thought. Plus, once society finally collapses, our tolerance for eating food that you have to scrape a little mold or pigeon shit off of will be an asset. So maybe we should be thanking our dirty grocery stores instead of shaming them.

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