Now hiring: VICE, Brooklyn Public Library and more

Bork via @Barkbud on IG
Bork via @Barkbud on IG

With the changing season comes changing career moves, and Brokelyn’s got your back. We love to hook ya’ll up with the latest and greatest opportunities out there, because how else are you going to be able to afford all the new seasonal pumpkin beers coming out?

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some rad Brooklyn-based job listings. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to fulfill your destiny. Whether it be as a dog walker or as a hot shot media director, your TIME has come to get hired (you’ll get that joke in a second).

Are you a lover of all things puppy-related and looking for a part-time gig? Good, because Barkbud wants you as a part-time dog walker! The company is looking to add some Brooklyn based would-be dog-whisperers to their selective team. Because people in New York treat their dogs as real babies (and can now officially be buried with them), the hiring process is a little extensive. There’s an interview process and reference checks, followed by Basic Dog 101 and Dog First Aid courses. But the gig can pay up to $250 a week if you’re committed, making for extra pocket money and valuable belly-rub time. Read up and apply here.

Good ol' BPL via Wikipedia
Good ol’ BPL via Wikipedia

If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet with the occasional interruption of youths, The Brooklyn Public Library is currently seeking a full-time Children’s librarian. Not only will you be recommending and assisting in finding the books that mold the minds of an impressionable younger generation, but you’ll also get to represent one of the coolest institutions in BK, and work closely with kids and educators. The job requires a Master’s Degree in Library Science from a ALA (that’s the American Library Association) -accredited library school, as well as Public Librarian’s Professional Certificate issued by the State of New York. Bilingualism and previous experience working with children is a plus. If you get the gig, please steer these kids away from the whole romance/vampire fad and put To Kill a Mockingbird into their delicate, small hands.

Technology and I do not mix well, but I’m a huge fan of Broadly. VICE Media up in Williamsburg is a Post Production Coordinator to work the evening shift! That means a multi-tasking, computer savvy guy or gal with 2+ years experience as a lead assistant editor or post production coordinator “for a big Network TV show” and prior work with multiple tapeless formats. If you fit the bill, you’ll be encoding, uploading, archiving, and facilitating to your little heart’s content. Other positions available at VICE here.


Novo Art(its) at work @ Novo Art
Novo Art(its) at work @ Novo Art

If you’re a designer of the graphic variety, Novo Arts Inc. has a Bushwick location that’s currently hiring for a full-time Graphic Designer to join their office. They’ve been around since the 1970’s with a mission of helping businesses make their spaces unique while keeping the art they provide cost-effective. You’ll be creating, designing, and assisting in printing projects. A great addition to any resume, this is a full-time 9 to 5 gig for $15/hour (with the possibility of some late nights in the name of art). Experience with programs such as Photoshop and InDesign required, and additional experience with 3D rendering software is a great plus.

Last but not least, Time Inc. is looking to hire a Director of vast entrepreneurial proportions. For unexplained reasons, all that comes to mind is the character Schmidt from New Girl. In the Director role, you and your team will be creating the media magic of Hellogiggles, People Magazine and TIME, working with company departments across the board and providing social media to the masses. This isn’t little league stuff: They’re looking for 4+ years experience working full-time social media,  and wiz kids in new ideas and solutions for content distribution. This is the real deal, ya’ll.

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