Brooklyn is home to 4 of the 50 best things you have to eat right now

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Runner & Stone: bread you have to eat. via Facebook

It seems you can’t make a list about great things in these days without including Brooklyn. Which is just fine with us, whether you’re exploring the best of New York or cheap things to eat here, Brooklyn is a force to be reckoned with. And not just for NYC-based media: GQ has released their “50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now” story, and four of Brooklyn’s food mavens made it on.

First up on the list were Brisket Town‘s (359 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg) brisket tacos, which we wholeheartedly agree with, especially given how they hit the perfect sweet spot of cheap ($4) and tasty. The other three picks look like they come from places a bit out of our price range, which hey, we understand, this is Gentleman’s Quarterly, not Beardo’s Monthly. Anyway, they are:

Fried artichoke with anchovy aioli ($9) an appetizer at La Vara (268 Clinton Street, Cobble Hill) about which the gentlemen say “You need every element in every bite: a bit of that garlicky anchovy sauce, a meaty chunk of artichoke heart, and best of all, those frizzled petals that flutter free, charred and crispy, just waiting to be forked into a last mouthful by someone.”

Bolanzo rye at Runner & Stone (285 3rd Avenue, Gowanus), which they declare to possibly be the star of the restaurant’s entire menu and recommend you buy on your way out the door ($5 for a loaf).

Whole roasted branzino ($31) at Talde (369 7th Avenue, Park Slope), deemed good enough by Alan Richman to eat without the complimentary herbs and spices provided with the dish.

Elsewhere on the list, you can find a few expensive food and drink choices from that island we stare at so longingly, but cheap-ish ones too, including ramen from Ivan Ramen (25 Clinton Street), which has yet to open the cronut and candy from Sockerbit (89 Christopher Street).

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