Trick or tweet! The best tweets about Halloween in Brooklyn this year

Via @marinaspindler.
These pumpkins are RIGGED. Via @marinaspindler.

Take a moment to remember that New York City does Halloween probably better than anywhere else in the world. It’s a holiday with distinctive lanes for kids and adults, both of which were lit last night despite the holiday falling on a Monday. Trick or treating in brownstone Brooklyn is basically kid Mardi Gras. Tiny skeletons, Elsas, Reys and Batmans tear through the sidewalks in pre-adolescent bacchanal, guzzling candy like they were channeling the spirit of a mini-Dionysus. Elsewhere across the borough, in DIY venues and the backrooms of bars, adults wearing pink dresses and clutching Eggos or donning baskets of deplorables/adorables listened to cover bands or embraced the true spirit (alcohol) of the season.

We must all appreciate that it is only the ghouls, undead creatures and sexy witches that create a bulwark stopping Christmas from bleeding into the summer, so before we go head long into two months of Best Buy commercials and reigniting the War on Christmas, let’s look back at the best Brooklyn tweets from Halloween 2016.

For sale: animal foot, never worn.

Mr. Mister has a problem with David S. Pumpkins:

Ms. Pumpkin if you’re nasty: 

Costumes so precocious: 

This joke is back from the dead!

Basically like getting a razor blade in your candy: 

“No but where is your vampire family from?” 

Speaking of which: 

Hey look it’s the Grinch of Halloween: 

If you were gonna be Eleven, you shoulda prepared for this:

This could be any day actually:

That’s almost as good as “Sexy Jim Jarmusch:” 

Get your workout, and your vape needs:

Maybe they have the full-size candy bars?

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