Brooklyn DA candidate a-head of the game about drug laws

It’s looking less crazy every day.

It was with great pride and a little bit of shame that we watched the historic electoral victories for legal pot in Washington and Colorado. Pride because at least¬†someone got it, and shame because it should have been New York. To be fair, that’s what we think for every progressive victory. But now Brooklyn has the opportunity to at least inch things in the right direction by electing a district attorney who promises to prosecute any marijuana possession case under 25 grams as violations and not as crimes.

Abe George, currently working across the river in the Manhattan D.A.’s office, may have found a way to get himself some daylight in the three-man race by seeing the light and realizing that people getting stoned in their apartments, or even the park, isn’t worth the government’s time time. Neither, according to George, are people who use it for medical reasons. If you’re arrested for possession and can prove a legit medical reason will avoid prosecution.

George, who grew up in Sheepshead Bay and now lives in Greenpoint, (take that, permanently¬†aggrieved “original Brooklynites”!) feels that the office of the district attorney can better serve Brooklyn’s population by focusing on more serious crimes like, you know, robbery and murder. Anyway, we look forward to the Daily News or New York Post stories about “High-jinx” or the race having “gone to pot.”

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