Brooklyn comedian live-tweets couple breaking up on his roof

chasing amy
Break up in public nowadays and someone’s gonna live blog it.

What did you do with your weekend? Take a leisurely hike? Go grocery shopping? Watch football for two days and drink yourself sick? Well, whatever it was you did, it wasn’t as strange as comedian Kyle Ayers‘ Saturday, who went up to his roof to enjoy the view and ended up being witness to a couple who were breaking up. So of course, he live-tweeted the entire conflagration, and got some very, very strange quotes.
































Anyway, the lesson is never talk with anyone about something that matters to you in public, because it will probably end up on the internet. And for your brokesters that are deep into a relationship, here’s some tips from Allison Robicelli on how to stay in love, and hopefully not have a breakup like this. Also, you can see Kyle host his comedy show, Game Night, tonight at 7:30pm at Spike Hill (186 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg).

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